Movie nights are becoming a ritual from a long time now and this has led to binge-watching and people hosting movie marathons. It is a movie marathon when people watch a series of movies continuously for more than six hours and it is truly a marathon when people watch it for twenty-four hours.

If you are planning a movie marathon, choose among various genres like drama, sci-fi, fantasy, action, fictional, comic, animated, comedy and horror. These wide ranges of options have even more choices in them that will leave you confused and in a dilemma on which to watch.


To solve your confusion here are some of the best movie series that you can watch for your movie marathon. This article will explore various movies in each category to give the best movie marathon. if want to watch the best movie marathons of 2017 you need to have Showbox app on your device

We all love a good drama movie, from chick flicks to dancing and boxing films there is a lot that the drama category has to offer. You can reflect back to your college days and how your friendship has evolved over the years with two of the most loved chick flicks Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and Sex and The City.

1. Drama  

These two movies are packed with drama, with girl gangs who are friends from a long time and who pass around their lucky pants to bring them closer as the part ways for summer and college. It explores dynamics between four friends, how they reconnect every time after facing various problems and the paint that they pass around as their lucky charm. Sex and The City are also about four friends that explore love and relationships that they have and their girl bond is strong in every movie. These two movies can bring you 8 hours of total reminiscing of your girl gang.

2. Fantasy

We all like to have our own world of fantasy where unimaginable things happen and it is totally out of the world. Two fantasy themed marathon movies to watch is the very famous is the Harry Potter series and Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Harry Potter series has its Hogwarts charm that leaves everyone mesmerized with its magical world. Watch the journey of three friends, the life story of Harry, how he finally discovers his connection with Lord Voldemort and kills him. This series will make your movie marathon last for 20 hours.


Pirates of the Caribbean that stars Johnny Depp is the second pick of the fantasy theme. Captain Jack sparrow’s journey will leave you wondering about a parallel universe where you can have an extremely adventurous life of a pirate with all its magic and different creatures you might encounter. Watch this series for the ultimate pirate life experience that lasts for 10 hours.

3. Action

Without some action in our life, it will be a dull life and to experience the thrill, speed and the action scenes include action movies in your movie marathon. The top pick of the action movie is the Bond series and our action movie list would be incomplete if it did not have James Bond in it.

Mystery, action, drama and love Bond series has the whole package. Experience how this MI6 agent solves mysteries and catches the villain with action-packed sequences and the love drama. The movie marathon of Bond series will last up to 50 hours so you are all set to do your marathon for 2 days and a few more hours.

4. Other Choices

The action movie theme is jam-packed with the movie series Fast and the Furious with seven parts to it you will experience breathtaking stunts and supercars in this movie. If you want to feel the thrill and speed with action sequences with cars, choose this series of movie that covers 13 hours of your movie marathon.

In other categories like Sci-fi, choose Star Trek or Star Wars that gives you 24 and 14 hours of marathon respectively. In fiction, opt for the classic Jurassic Park series with 6.5 hours and in comic series select the Marvel movies that come up to 40 hours. In animated choose, Madagascar, Ice Age or Shrek and in comedy genre select Scary Movie series.

Summing Up

From the above, you have a wide selection of movies to choose from, pick any of these and your movie marathon is a success.