As presently, the cheerful colours and animations of material design are in existence, emails possess a small feature displaying you the sender; the sidebar allows you switch accounts quicker — the entire thing appears better and is more competently designed.


The old Gmail also did not accomplish like a native app. Its feature can be traced back to the early days of an app, where many of them were just a UI wrapper about content being hauled from the web.

Gmail App on iOS is Getting Close to Android Version

That is all changed now — there is no suspicion that Gmail is much quicker than it used to be. And there are some novel features to the app. They are not new if you have used Gmail at anywhere else, but they are ultimately in the iOS app. First and foremost, the “undo send” feature is now accessible, saving your time and effort if you send off an email to the whole company instead of a simple person. You can also swipe the message to spontaneously archive or delete it, based on your preference.

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Generally, the app senses like a cross among the old, out-dated Gmail app and inbox, which previously had these innovative features. But if you are not fond of inbox’s snoozing and grouping features and simply want the basic, plain-vanilla Gmail, this app completely accomplishes the trick.

Presently, you will observe that search results will auto-populate as you type in, so you need not have to complete a word or press enter to search the email you are searching for. Google is also carrying a smaller update to the calendar app for the iPhone today also.

Google also add one attractive, useful feature: events, reminders from your Google Calendar are now incorporated in the iOS highlight search. Hence if you are considering making Google calendar your chief option over the built-in I phone option on iOS, things should be a slight easier. Hence now Gmail for iOS is ultimately on par with Android version.