What is Hotschedules?

Hotschedules is a leading provider of cloud-based technology and supporting solutions for retails, hospitality industries, and restaurants. This software automates operational challenges such as workforce, scheduling, inventory management tools, business intelligence, recruiting, and shift communication.

Hotschedules Logian Guide

How to Login to Hotschedules

Many restaurants, Cafes, Retails, Coffee shops, and hospitality industries are enjoying this software. If you are working in any of these industries, you are lucky to use Hotschedules software.

To get a new Hotschedules account, you first need your login details—Your work manager should provide you with the details (username and password). Once you have your login details, you can create a new account by logging in on your device (computer or mobile).

Here is how you can log in to the Hotschedules account easily.

  • Step 1; Go to Hotschedule’s official website (www.hotschedules.com ).
  • Step 2: Find the “Login” icon on the top right corner of the page, then click it.
  • Step 3: Enter your username and password in the provided fields.
  • Step 4: Click the “Login” button.

How to recover Hotschedules Login Username

Users who have forgotten their Hotschedules account login username can retrieve it on the Hotschedules platform. Visit Hotschedules login employee page, then choose the username link below the login button.

Note: Only Hotschedules users with an updated profile and valid email address can restore their usernames.

Input your email address to receive steps on how to restore your work schedule username. Once the retrieval process is successful and you have your username, you can return to Hotschedules.com and login to your account.

Benefits of Hotschedules

The design of Hotschedules accommodates all styles of content, like documents, audio presentations, video tutorials, and many more. The scheduling feature helps business managers and administrators to reduce the costs of labor, save time, and enhance communication via restructuring the manner of organizing time tables. Optimization of the labor administration practices ensures that business complies with up-to-date regulation and increase the overall employee experience.

Hotschedules logbooks register employees’ daily notes, in and out time, restaurant checklist, and shift summary in one central location. Also, it comprises e-learning, social recruiting, digital logbooks, inventory, labor management, BI, and other apps built on their API platform.

Besides, Hotschedules provides restaurant options designed for the modern workforce. Therefore it’s flexible enough to handle different content and learning styles. Students can share ideas and thoughts about the course, and administrators can test their progress and coach up when progress is slow.

Key Features of Hotschedules

  1. POS Integration—Hotschedules merges with various POS to share sales, guest data, and labor to create a schedule based on sales demand.
  2. Forecasting– Business managers can input promotions to be stored with historical data, so they can evaluate it to forecast data later and gauge how the patterns vary over time.
  3. Attendance and Time—This feature allows administrators to track time in & out, gather information on tips, and enable employees to read their payroll and timecard histories. Managers can also add the Mobile Web-clock feature to alert them when employees are crossing into overtime or missed a time punch.
  4. Scheduling—Through the scheduling features, managers can approve and decline shift change requests, reference employee availability, and create the rules to overtime.