How to Do MyBKExperience Survey

This article talks about the things you would want to know about MyBKExperience. We will also look at the simple instructions you will need to follow in order to finish the survey and earn some rewards. Let’s find out more. 

Well, MyBKExperience is simply a survey or a feedback program that’s usually run by Burger King. The campaign is sometimes known as the “Burger King Experience.” It is a simple customer satisfaction feedback program that gives a customer an opportunity to give his or her views or opinions about the company. This often helps the company improve and make its services much better. 

Participating in this survey program is very easy and only takes a minute to complete. Upon completion, the company will usually offer you a coupon code that you can use or redeem the next time you visit one of their stores. 

The company, Burger King, uses these survey programs to find out what their client base wants. For this reason, they built a portal where all their customers would be able to access and complete the survey or leave feedback. The portal is To complete the survey, you will be prompted to provide some basic information, like your time of visit to the store, the store number, and possibly the date you purchased your snack. By submitting this, you will be eligible to earn free points as rewards. These could be used the next time you visit Burger King. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can complete the MyBKExperience Survey.

So, before you go ahead and start working on the survey, there are some things you need to have to enable you to complete the program successfully. 

First, you will need to have a valid Burger King receipt. This should come from a store you recently visited. 

You will also need to have a smartphone or a laptop, depending on what you can find. Make sure they are connected to a good internet service. 

Finally, have some seconds to spare for the completion of the survey and a good honest review of the MyBKExperience. Also, it is important to note that the survey portal can be accessed in 3 languages: French, Spanish, and English. 

With all these in place, it’s time to complete the survey. 

Step by Step Guide to Complete MyBKExperience

Below is a simple guide that you can follow to complete and submit your survey. 

  1. You need to visit the official portal at using your smartphone or laptop. You can find out what the default language used in the portal is and change it to your preferred language, either Spanish, French or English. 
  2. On the portal, find and locate the text field that requires you to enter the restaurant number. This is often found on the receipt you receive after making your purchase. The number is always unique for each store, and therefore, different stores should always have different restaurant numbers. Enter the number and proceed by clicking “Next”. 
  3. This is where you are required to give an honest review about your experience at the store. Based on whatever your review is, you will qualify to get a free voucher or coupon that can be redeemed at a Burger King store. 

Just like that, you will have completed the MyBKExperience Survey and earned your coupon or voucher to use on your next Burger King snack. 

For those wondering what kinds of questions are found in a Burger King survey campaign, here are some of them. 

  1. What was your overall satisfaction? 
  2. How often do you visit the store or restaurant? 
  3. How is the taste of your food? 
  4. How is the cleanliness of the restaurant? 
  5. Food prices. 
  6. Staff behavior. 
  7. How much time did your delivery take? 
  8. Your satisfaction and overall experience while at the store 

As you can see, these are quite easy questions to answer. You wouldn’t even spend more than 2 minutes answering them since you don’t need that much time to think about them. However, by answering them, you might have just offset a huge part of your next bill at Burger King.

MyBKExperience Survey Rewards

After completing the MyBKExperience Survey, you will get a reward from Burger King. This will come in the form of a voucher code. When you get the code, you will be able to redeem it at the same store or restaurant where you just bought your food. You can redeem the voucher for the following foods or meals: 

  • Croissan’Wich 
  • Free veg whopper or chicken whopper 
  • Original chicken sandwich 
  • A whopper sandwich 

These can really come in handy. It’s best to always keep that receipt. 

Burger King’s Breakfast Menu

When you are running late for work or an appointment and you don’t have enough time to make yourself some breakfast, pull up to the nearest Burger King joint and they will sort you out. They usually have certain meals that are most requested by customers for breakfast, so you can be certain to find them on the menu. Below are some of the meals you can find on the Burger King breakfast menu

  • Breakfast meals 
  • Breakfast sandwiches 
  • Platters and burritos 
  • Drinks and coffee. 
  • Breakfast Sides 

From these, you can choose your favorite combo and enjoy your breakfast. Just don’t forget to fill out the survey for the coupon code.

MyBKExperience Survey Alternatives 

Well, if you thought MyBKExperience Survey is the only restaurant that offers this kind of program, think again. There are many other stores that offer the same platform. Below are some of them. 

  • Subway survey 
  • KFC survey 
  • McDVoice 
  • Pizza Hut survey 
  • Taco Bell survey 
  • Whataburger survey 
  • DG Customer first 
  • Lowe’s survey 
  • Wendy’s survey


For all my foodie friends, if you like your burgers in pairs, then always remember to complete the Burger King survey whenever you buy a meal at a Burger King store. We’ve also listed a few other alternatives to MyBKExperience. You could be completing them and earning even more free coupons. Start filling out your surveys today and get more free meals.