All of us are not really movie buffs then you must have movies streaming application Hulu. But, when sometimes a biopic of a legend or a movie that portrays the struggle of the team to reach the top, hits the theaters, we all tend to go and watch it. Let us look at the most inspirational sports movies which have affected our lives at some point or the other.

Bend It Like Beckham

Beckham is one of the greatest football players in the history of the game. Beckham has inspired many young children and teenagers who love the game. He is one the finest players who have played for the English national team and major teams in the game such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Los Angeles Galaxy. He is also known for the tattoos on his body.


Bend it like Beckham is a story of a young girl who wants to play football but she has restrictions imposed on her by her family. The girl who lives with her family in the United Kingdom. Her family is very narrow-minded and they make sure that the girl does not play football. They make all the attempts to restrict the girl. The girl makes sure that she goes and practices by some hook or crook.

The name Bend it like Beckham is used in a very subtle manner. Beckham was known for shooting the ball over the players during the game. This skill of curling the ball over the wall of players defending is known as bending. In the same way, the girl bends all the rules imposed by her family and keeps her passion alive. When the girl Jess is jogging in a park, she meets another girl who is already in a local women’s football team.

She sees Jess’s skills in the game and invites her to join the football team she is a part of. Jess’s parents think that Jess and her friend are hiding a homosexual relationship and prevent Jess from going and practicing. During the final of the league tournament, Jess’s parents take her to a wedding instead of allowing her to play. But her friend makes sure that she sneaks Jess out of the wedding and takes her to play the game then you have Sony Play Station 4 Pro.

Finally, her parents are happy that their daughter is playing such a wonderful game and is winning the league for the team. The movie ends with a glimpse of David Beckham, the role model is caught by Jess and she feels that she has found the purpose of her life.

Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man is a story of a great boxer, James Braddock, of his times who has now retired and is living a life of an ordinary in the United States. He has his well-settled family and he is working in a firm after he has retired. But then, the time of the Great Depression arrives. He had never imagined the situation and the unemployment he is going to face. He is not able to meet both the ends and it becomes difficult for him to survive his family.


James decides to go back in the ring and earn money becoming the boxer again. But because he is getting old, he lacks the stamina and power that is required in a boxer. He still has got the skills that made him successful during his time.

What makes the movie an inspiration is that he does not give up even if he does not have the strength and stamina. He trains every day under the guidance of a professional and makes sure he goes back in the ring the way he was when he retired. Cinderella Man has won many awards in the academy field and has been an inspiration to many young minds who are striving to find a place in the world.