Movies have always been the most-liked source of entertainment all over the world. And Hollywood is one such factory of movies which has been entertaining the people since the time it started. Here are the Best Hollywood movies running in theater now which stands up to the expectations of Hollywood standards.


Hugh Jackman’s last movie as the most liked Marvel hero the Wolverine; Logan is the hot thing in the theaters at present. America is on the brink of destruction in the film. The year is 2029 and Logan also James Howlett; the Wolverine works as a limo driver in the city of El Paso in Texas.


Hugh Jackman’s sometimes goes to the Mexican border to get the pharmaceuticals needed for Charles Xavier, his former mentor who has Alzheimer. Due to the interference by government, mutants are no longer present. After Logan discovers the first mutant child, Laura born in decades, he has to make his choice; either take the final stand or stay hidden.

To Watch Hollywood best movies you need to have a Netflix service. But, it is paid service and you can’t get the latest stuff immediately. So, I suggest you download the Hulu app on your Android or iOS device to stream the latest movies and shows

Beauty and the Beast

The fairy tale which never fails to amaze the watchers and listeners with its fantastic story is what describes Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast are the musical adaptation of the animated and entertainment movie app from Disney. Belle is one of the most feminist characters in the film to this date. We all are aware of the story of Beauty and the Beast, and this movie is the best representation of the story.


This is the first film of Disney to feature interracial kiss and open gay character as well. Emma Watson as Belle plays the role fabulously as the only bookworm in the town. Belle’s father who is an inventor loses his way to the market and finds himself as a captive in the old castle of the Beast. And we all know the rest of the story. The question which comes to everyone’s mind is- did we need other Beauty and the Beast movie? Well not sure of that but this movie is doing well at theaters at present


While watching Headshot, you will remember all the movies in which the protagonist lose his memory. And Headshot has more to memory loss; it is full of relentless bloodshed. Each scene in the film is more gruesome than the previous scene in the entire run time of the movie. If you are a fan of watching movies and shows with a lot of people getting injured all the time, then this Indonesian action movie is a good choice for you. Lee is a mysterious and lethal prisoner who breaks from the padlocked cell and goes into killing mode. And the story continues with the discovery of a man on the beachside without any identity. The unknown man gets the name Ishmael from

And the story continues with the discovery of a man on the beachside without any identity. The unknown man gets the name Ishmael from Ailin. Ailin is a doctor who treats Ishmael. Ishmael recovers from the bullet injury to his brain. Iko Uwais as Ishmael did justice to his title as the great action star of Indonesia. The secret of Ishmael puts Ailin life in danger, and it turns over his life when he encounters Lee.

T2 Trainspotting

Danny Boyle, the director of the movie T2 Trainspotting along with his crew, has managed to deliver a worthy and thoughtful sequel to the Trainspotting from 1996. The idea of T2 Trainspotting is to relive the past in your head again and again which turns out different with the passage of time. It is a contemplative movie about the collision of the present with the past. The movie will never bore you. In the film, Renton returns from Amsterdam to Scotland. His job in Amsterdam was to work for the retail sector’s stock management software.

His married life did not stand for long. He meets all his friends in Scotland, Spud who is his childhood friend, Sick Boy who is in prostitution and blackmail racket with his business partner Veronika. Begbie is the missing piece of the movie who holds a grudge against Renton for selling him out. And Begbie is now out of prison. T2 Trainspotting is a revenge movie with a lot of thrilling factors.

Kong: Skull Island

The movie Kong: Skull Island features Kong in the very beginning of the film. The movie is not some complicated movie it is full of action, and it is the blockbuster kind of movie. At one moment there is comic ultraviolence along with some very dangerous scene and the very next, there are the funny scenes. John Goodman as Bill Randa who is a government official is in search of a giant monster along with a crew of scientists, activists, and soldiers. The movie is about Kong against the giant lizards. And Kong turns out to be the victor in the end.