The eScan Antivirus software program is more dated, and it requires a user to set up every part of the program before it can automatically start protecting the device. The software program does not stop a user from visiting insecure sites, but the program recognizes when an unsafe virus is attempting to install in your computer device.

eScana Antivirus software system is one of the most straightforward applications to use as navigation in the site is pretty simple. All the options icons in the software system are colored red until you enable them for use.

eScana Antivirus Pros

The program doesn’t have numerous security tools. It consists of a firewall and spam filters that can be used to redirect texts from a particular sender from a specific continent into a spam box of a receiver in another continent. The software also allows a user to scan attachments for any insecure virus, and he/she can notify the eScan agents to delete the malware before hitting the device.

escana antivirus windows 10

eScan offers 24/7 contact support to their various agents, who can either be redirected to the website or assisted manually. They also provide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) contents about common issues at the bottom of their website. According to eScan agents, live chatting will be available soon in their program.

eScana Protection System

eScan protection score as of the end of 2018 was 98.9%, and it ranks 9th on the list of the best newly rated security protection software. eScan is not available for Android and iOS users. So if you want to use an Antivirus for Android Phones or Antivirus on your iPhone, then please check out the references for good information about Antivirus for your Phone.

eScana Setup for Windows 10

  1. Click the Download button or icon on your browser for the eScan software product you would like to set up, then click on the save button that pops up.
  2. Select the desired folder that you would like to save the file on and click on the save icon.
  3. Once the download of about 235 MB completes, open the folder that the data is collected and double click it. Then the eScan Setup Downloader will open.
  4. To change the destination path, you must click on the adjacent icon to the text box, browse it to your desired way of choice, but usually, the default download destination path is the Desktop browser.
  5. The eScan product setup will launch once the download completes, and if you don’t want it to start immediately after the download, you can uncheck the checkbox to avoid the automatic launch.
  6. Open the folder location when the download completes the box if you wish to set up the software immediately.
  7. You can change the version of the installation by selecting either a 32-bit version or a 64-bit version by clicking on the icon’s options button. Kindly note that once a user begins to download a particular version, one cannot change it until the download is complete because the options button will be deactivated.
  8. Upon clicking the download icon, the following data will activate:
  9. A) Transfer rate
  10. B) Statistics
  11. C) Product name
  12. D) Download path
  13. E) Pause/Resume
  14. F) Status
  15. G) Time remaining
  16. H) Progress
  17. Click on the close button icon once the setup file completes downloading, and the program will be ready for use in Windows 10.